Top Augusta Junk Removal

Waste Management
Whether it’s through recycling or creating energy from ordinary trash, we are working to create better solutions for what used to be thrown away. By choosing us as your waste services provider, you are helping to create a brighter future for everyone.
Location : Augusta, GA
Phone : (706) 724-7200

Take It Away
We specialize in yard cleaning. We also offer demolition junk removal and will pick-up most metal and appliances as well as junk cars and trucks.
Location : Augusta, GA
Phone : (706) 726-1971

Junk in a Box
Junk in a Box can provide a professional, efficient method for those in need of trash and junk removal in a simple, affordable manner. Customers include Home Owners, Renters, Landlords, Remodlers, Real Estate Agents, Repo Companies, Contractors, Banks and and much more!
Location : Augusta, GA
Phone : (706) 830-4891