Top Chicago Junk Removal

Able Removal Service
We are chicago's only professional junk removal service with the world's largest 50 cubic yard rolloff truck! No more long waiting for a 2 kid crew and small truck! Waiting for a small truck to go back and forth to the dump is the old fashioned way! With our 24 foot long 50 cubic yard roll off truck and 7-9 man pro moving crew we can remove your junk on your lunch hour or even before you go to work in many cases!
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (847) 338-0588

A-ABF Hauling/Junk Removal
"Most Junk Removal Companies Claim That They Recycle. Then They Just Load It All Up And Dump It at The Closest Disposal Facility To Save Time. Not Caring About The Environmental Impact." We Sort Your Unwanted Junk On The Job Site Before We Load It Up on Our Junk Removal Trucks.Then We Recycle, Reuse, And Reduce The Cost Of Your Junk Removal Experience.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (773) 206-3554

A.L. Hauling
We will load our trucks sort your materials to maximize re-use and recycling. You don’t have to deal with your junk at all — just show us where it is and what you would like removed and A.L. Hauling -Moving & Demolition Services will remove your junk for you. If your items for junk removal happen to be located inside your house, we will take great care not to cause any damage to walls and floors.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (773) 251-2170

Red's Hauling Service
A Red's Hauling Service has been offering complete cleanup and removal services to the Chicago, IL community for 15 years. We specialize in the cleanup and removal of both residential and commercial debris, clutter, useful materials that are unwanted and junk. Have A Red's Hauling Service and our staff solve your problem with quality, trustworthy and reliable cleanup and removal services that you can count on.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (773) 616-0979

Dump It
Dump It is a locally owned and operated residential and commercial junk removal company serving Chicago and the outlying suburbs. We handle all your junk removal needs from single items to multiple truck loads.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (773) 563-3867