Top Minneapolis Junk Removal

We are a full service junk removal company – I hear customers call it rubbish removal, trash removal, or waste hauling – if you don’t need it, and it’s taking up space that you need in your home or office, then call us and we’ll remove it for you. We can take away just about anything, and have seen a lot of junk: old fridges, tired ovens, broken microwaves, outdated computers, used mattresses, worn furniture, garden debris, construction waste and more. Whatever junk you need to get rid of, if it’s not hazardous material, chances are we can haul it away for you. Working with specialty recyclers and charities we recycle well over 60% of the junk we haul and in most of the metros what isn’t recycled or reused goes to an energy facility that reclaims the trash for electricity, keeping it out of landfills. Our goal is to be able to assure you that you are disposing of your junk in the least impactful way possible.
Location : Minneapolis, MN
Phone : (800) 468-5865

Junk Bee Gone
We service residential and commercial customers. Our worker bees will remove your unwanted items from where ever they are located: garage, basement, attic, storage unit, yard, office and etc. We remove just about anything our two worker bees can carry.
Location : Minneapolis, MN
Phone : (651) 485-4484