Top Wichita Junk Removal

Junk Boys LLC
We are a full service junk removal company. We will take all non-hazardous materials that a two member team can practically carry. We specialize in the removal of household junk, yard waste, and construction debris.
Location : Wichita, KS
Phone : (316) 683-5865

Waste Connections, Inc.
We operate a fleet of approximately 3,000 vehicles from almost 150 locations across 27 states. We deploy route optimization software, retrofit existing fleet and utilize alternative fuels to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, lowering our overall carbon footprint.
Location : Wichita, KS
Phone : (316) 838-4920

Since 1999, we have provided junk removal and demolition to Wichita and the surrounding area. We work with home owners, business owners/managers, realtors, property owners/managers, banks, and anyone who needs any kind of removal, demolition or hauling.
Location : Wichita, KS
Phone : (316) 943-5865